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TK- 1st Grade with AWH

Arising out of a need in our community. Life within this group will be solidly grounded in social-emotional learning, a firm foundation for future success.  Lessons are inquiry-based, playful, experiential, with an eye toward academic preparedness.  Education emerges naturally when a child is naturally engaged.  

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 9am - 2pm.

What: Emergent, inquiry-based learning centered in play and discovery. 

Who: A Wilder Harmony with Lisa Allen

How: Tuition will be $1050 - this covers Lisa's salary and a minimal rent to the property, a $100 supplies fee will be added to the initial payment. 

Lisa's program will start October 3rd. 

Littles are welcome to join A Wilder Harmony with Iamuel and myself before then, tuition for this program is on a sliding scale and as it has already begun you can work out tuition with Jennifer from your start date. This program is play based with a gentle rhythm, we will create seperate crafts to meet the older kids and where they are at developmentally. 


Imaginative Play


Outdoor Play

TK-1st Grade: Programs
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