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Homeschool Enrichment Program with AWH

Arising out of a need in our community. Life within this group is solidly grounded in social-emotional learning, a firm foundation for future success.  Lessons are inquiry-based, playful, experiential, with an eye toward academic preparedness.  Education emerges naturally when a child is naturally engaged.  

Our homeschool enrichment program allows kids to join us for 1 - 3 days of the week. We have children from 2 years - 7 years in our class and we notice mixing the ages together works well for everyone, especially the children who benefit greatly from being in a mixed age environment. 

When: 9am - 1pm Tuesday - Thursday  

Where: Euphorbia Gardens, a center for education of all ages. 250 Mesa Road, Bolinas. 

Price: We operate on a sliding scale (roughly $17 - $25 per hour) and offer some scholarships. We are also becoming a vendor with Heart Wood's Home schooling program where funding towards tuition can be applied for. We work with every family to make our program accessible - this is also a community effort which parents are at times asked to help with. 

What: A Wilder Harmony program is a mixed age group class from 2 - 7 year olds.

Our Rhythm

In the morning we welcome the children and parents/caregivers and have our morning hand washing ritual as well as ask littles to place belongings in their cubbies. 

- Once they have washed their hands there is a simple craft available or blocks, mud kitchen or other variables to explore and play with. This is the settling and arrival time. 

All of the following part is optional

- About 9.45am we gather to sing and move our animals (each child has an animal to help with the sense of belonging and to add some stretching and movement into our day) 

- After our 'animal stretches' we offer a more thought out and exciting craft ranging from natural dying to stamping, painting, playdough etc.. 

Snack time

After our craft we sit on a blanket in a circle for snack time. We share a blessing song before eating and then focus on our yummy food. 

Older littles (4 - 6 yrs) --- roughly 10.15am - 12 noon 

The older littles are offered their own adventure time with Lisa where there is more age appropriate material for them and this part of the day is designed to fuel their own interests and capabilities but also keep them up with their peers who are receiving a 'mainstream' education however it will be taught and delivered with an interest led, inquiry based approach, nurturing the natural and innate human desire to learn and discovery. 

Free Play

After each child has finished they are welcome to get up and play. We do ask that they close their lunch boxes so we know they are finished. 

Adventure Time

The little littles are invited to join us for an adventure, we go to a different spot on the property to explore and play. 

Hand Washing Time (around noon)

We return to the homebase where we wash hands before we eat. Each child has their own color of hand towel helping to create a sense of belonging. 

Lunch Time


Free Play in the Home base

Story Time (optional)

GoodBye Circle (Everyone joins)

At A Wilder Harmony the only things we insist on are handwashing and goodbye circle but where possible we connect and make this come from a place of connection and collaboration with the littles. We hold our simple rhythm but have flexibility and enough resources to allow a little to choose to play instead of snacking if this is what they choose to do. We believe in listening to our little people and getting to know their own unique needs, desires and patterns. 


Imaginative Play


Outdoor Play

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