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At the heart of A Wilder Harmony is recognition of the complex interplay of life’s challenges. Only with this wider lens can we proactively channel healthy relationships. 


However, our clarity can evaporate with the stressors of daily life.  When we’ve reached the point that life overwhelms us, spending time with a compassionate, nonjudgmental advocate can make all the difference in the world.  These conversations can restore a sense of groundedness that allows more clarity, creativity, possibility, and hope. 


Harmony is our core value, central to healthy living.  What makes it wilder is our confidence that harmony lies deep within each of us.  We watch for its footprint while clearing its pathway. 

To schedule your free 20 minute introductory session, send Lisa an email.


Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen grew up by the seashore, redwoods, and mountains of Northern California.   A conservatory-trained musician, her master’s degree was followed by the unexpected realization that her true calling was working with children in the most natural, playful ways possible.  Lisa’s dedication to the concept of A Wilder Harmony has roots throughout her life, firmly seated in a quieter, gentler voice that was native to her essence.  Yet it took a long time for her to hear the deeper, truer sounds of that muted voice no one else could hear.  It took experiencing for herself the relentless inner discipline of world-class musical ambition;  it took the courage to walk away from a professional music career and all the questions that brings, both stated and whispered;  it took feeling the brilliant highs and terrifying lows of parenting;  and it took the relentless resilience born of decades of teaching thousands of children in public schools, with their diverse learning styles, languages, and abilities.   Fortunately for us, the richness of Lisa’s life journey has enabled deep insights and a broader attunement to life’s wilder harmony.  This is the gift Lisa brings: a more radical form of compassion and a broadening acceptance of all that we encounter, expanding our capacity for life.


Let's Check In

Email me for a free 20 minute consultation



Guidance in how to live in a wilder harmony

Individual Sessions 

$150/75-minute session


Six-Week A Wilder Harmony Overview


Six Month Mentorship 


A total of 24 weekly 75-minute sessions.
There will be some reading, writing, and daily practices as homework.  How much time spent in homework depends upon individual life circumstances and the role of this work in one’s life.
Each month will have a theme completing the six elements of the A Wilder Harmony approach. 
  1. Mindfulness

  2. Emotional Intelligence

  3. Nervous System Awareness

  4. Non-Violent Communication

  5. Embodying Vision

  6. Music/Movement/Emotion/Attention

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